Neuropathy: What Is It?

There are millions of people out there who are suffering from a debilitating disease called Neuropathy. This disorder reduces the quality of life for the sufferers, often preventing them from leading perfectly normal lives. People who suffer from this disease are either trying to live with the problems that are associated with it or are trying to find cures that can help them get rid of this problem, once and for all. Would you believe it, there is now a supplements for neuropathy that can help those suffering from this disease? In a recent article published by, a detailed report was published outlining how such supplements could reduce the symptoms that plague those suffering from neuropathy.

What is Neuropathy?
Anyone who has attended a basic science class in school would be able to tell you that the functions of the body that we so often take for granted are done with the help of signals or impulses that travel at lightning speeds between the nerves and the brain. These signals help the body to respond to conditions like heat and cold. So, when you take away your hand from a hot pan or spoon, it’s because of the responses that came from the brain, after being alerted by the bunch of nerves that are present in your hand.

That said, the nerves are what helps us to respond to stimuli.

Neuropathy is a condition that affects the peripheral nerves in the body. This occurs due to damage that has been inflicted to these nerves, thereby impairing their ability to carry the various messages that go back and forth all day long, throughout a person’s life. And if this wasn’t enough, neuropathy patients have to suffer from a myriad range of problems that seriously impair their ability to work, and consequently live. The commonest cases of mononeuropathy affect the elbows (Ulnar neuropathy), the neck (Cervical neuropathy), the knees (Peroneal neuropathy), the arms (Radial neuropathy), and in rare cases, the thighs (Femoral neuropathy). In certain patients, individual nerve damage could simultaneously occur in different parts of the body. These cases are often referred to as Mononeuritis Multiplex Neuropathy.

What Are The Symptoms of Neuropathy?
People suffering from neuropathy often have such different kinds of symptoms, that diagnosis could get delayed by several months, if not years. A common symptom most patients report suffering is a feeling of numbness in their hands and feet. Most of the patients also reported cramps in their legs and arms, difficulty while walking, a feeling of muscle weakness, along with problems with body movement and coordination. Since the nerves are literally damaged, there will be a lot of mixed signals. This is the reason behind the pins and needles feeling that comes with neuropathy.

Any Treatments?
There is good news for all those who suffer from neuropathy. Several natural therapies have been proved to be effective in the prevention and treatment of peripheral neuropathy. Many experts advise the use of alternative remedies like amino acids and fish oil supplements, along with oils like evening primrose and geranium. These are known to mitigate the symptoms to a considerable extent.

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