An Introduction To Body Beast Workout Schedule


Body Beast is gaining popularity for its fat burnings and muscle building ability that has shown results in almost every individual who has tried out this schedule. One of the main features of this schedule is the body beast meal plan to gain strength, which is the main reason for more and more people to start following this. Out of a number of workout plans that are available in, Body Beast has found one of the top places. If you are not aware of this regime, don’t worry! Here is a comprehensive introduction to Body Beast workout schedule.

Developed by Sagi Kalev, who was Mr. Israel two times during his workout days, the Body Beast schedule has high expectations to show results. Since the developer has tried it himself, there is no other better advertiser than himself. Body Beast surely uses a high quality of whey proteins and creatine, but to get to the physique level of Sagi Kalev, you not only need to follow the training, you should also eat properly.

The Body Beast program is a plan for ninety days. You can do the program at the comfort of your home or even at a gym near you. Most of the exercises are to be done either with dumbbells or a barbell. There are three different stages namely Build, Bulk and Beast in the program and it is split equally over the ninety days, one month for each.

There is no doubt that the muscles in the body will be developed after the Body Beast workout regime, though it may not do so within a period of ninety days. You have to stick to the regular workout and diet plans to make it work even after the initial ninety days that are mentioned as per the schedule. Don’t be discouraged or disappointed if you do not get the desired results within the specified period; it could take longer for some body compositions than the others.

Training Splits
The training is split in the regular way in which other weight training programs do it. Day 1 will be a complete workout session for the full body. Day 2 will be working out the body in two different sessions. The workouts will be divided into five day splits, one day each for the arms, legs, shoulders, back and chest. The exercises include dumbbell presses, deadlifts and squats.

As this program is designed for both doing at home and the gym, the training equipment are simple ones. You will need dumbbells, barbell, free weights, curling bar and also an adjustable bench.

Just like any other bodybuilding schedule, the result for Body Beast workout depends completely on your ability to follow the nutrition plan. The nutrition guide that comes along with the pack will come in handy if you are ready to follow it to the T.

Body Beast is reasonably priced at approx $40 for a kit. Though men are the main targets, women can also gain a lot of muscle if they stick to the nutritional guidelines mentioned in the program.

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