You Just Need To Drop This Much Weight To Be Healthier


The path to weight loss is not a straight line. It involves not just one single thing. Working out and keeping track of the diet will take a person only so far in their weight reduction regime. It takes a number of things working in tandem to reach the ‘ideal’ body weight. Dietary supplements such as the one reviewed on can play a crucial role in fat loss. says that the safety and efficacy of some of the dietary supplements are well documented.

Here, we focus not on the ways to reach the perfect body weight but how losing just 5% of fat can make a body healthier. Most people begin a fat-loss regime with the thought that until and unless a high number of pounds are dropped, the body will not be healthy enough. This is a myth. A person is not required to lose dozens of pounds to be fit. Anything between five to ten percent reduction in weight is considered good. For example, an individual weighs 280 pounds even a loss of 14 pounds will be beneficial to them.

How does such a minute amount of drop in weight make the person healthier? Studies say that such modest loss can improve on a number of diseases and conditions that occur due to obesity like cholesterol levels. We talk, in detail, about three other problems that are erased with little fall in weight.

• Almost 30% of people who suffer from hypertension do so because of an excess amount of body weight. It is due to rise in body weight that the blood pressure increases. This, in turn, leads to hypertension. A 5 to 10 % drop in fat decreases the blood pressure by 5mmHg, meaning hypertension also reduces. This is an average statistic. Club weight loss with a better diet and exercise and the reduction in blood pressure can be even further.

• Insulin is a hormone that the body uses to keep the sugar level in the blood at normal levels. Obesity can lead to insulin resistance, i.e., the body produces more insulin than average. This causes instability in cholesterol level and fat tissue increase, especially in the abdomen region. In women, who suffer from insulin resistance, infertility and male pattern hair growth are also seen. It has been observed that even a small amount of weight loss can drastically lower the levels of insulin in the body. Hence, reversing the problems caused by insulin resistance.

• Research and studies have also proven that a little drop in weight can affect diabetes too. One of the markers that are connected to diabetes is known as Hemoglobin A1C. Anti-diabetic pills lower the level of this marker. It is seen that a 5 to 10% weight loss decreases the marker as much as the medicine does.

Such a tiny drop in weight can transform a body so massively. Stop worrying about reaching your perfect body goal. Work towards these small steps that make the body healthier, heartier and fitter.

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