Synopsis Of Turmeric Curcumin And Its Benefits

Turmeric is the popular spice used in Indian cuisines for their medicinal benefits. The history of turmeric goes back to four thousand years, and it is evident that Curcumin was utilized in the Ayurvedic medicines to cure many ailments. The components named curcuminoids in turmeric increase the medicinal use of this spice. Out of the three elements, Curcumin is the major component that is an abundant antioxidant, antibiotic, antidepressant and anti-inflammatory component. There are many proven health benefits of Turmeric Curcumin which demand the modern science to incorporate this ingredient as a healing medicine for many diseases.

As recommended in, turmeric is used to boost the immunity and helps in weight loss too. Free radicals are the high reactive molecules that react with unpaired electrons. They tend to respond with the DNA, fatty acids, proteins, etc. and create inflammation in the cells, thereby results in diseased condition. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant property of turmeric helps to neutralize the free radicals and prevents them from attacking the healthy cells, thus reduces inflammation and triggers the body’s antioxidant enzymes. Curcumin helps in proper digestion by stimulating the liver to secrete bile, thus reduces bloating and indigestion. Curcumin also helps in treating ulcers by regulating the acid levels on the lining of the stomach.

Since Curcumin reduces inflammation, it reduces the joint pains in arthritis patients. Compared to chemotherapeutic drugs, when Curcumin is incorporated in chemotherapy, it actively destroys the cancer cells by fighting it at the molecular level. Curcumin helps in healing the wound quickly than any other antibiotic. Turmeric, when taken in food, is very beneficial to the health as it has numerous benefits on the various aspects of health. When taken supplements, the intake should not exceed the prescribed level. For a nutrient to be absorbed by the cells, there should be a component that accompanies the nutrient. In that way, Bioperine helps in complete absorption of Curcumin.

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